October 21, 2020

Ignite Design RC bringing back gas truck

Ignite Design RC have released and interesting new project, a Nitro conversion kit for the Associated T6.1/6.2. Created by Chad Parks, his wish was to rekindle his love affair with gas truck from the late nineties. Using a modern TC6 as a base, the conversion kit is very complete, including new chassis plate, top deck, receiver box, fuel tank, engine mounts, braking system, clutch, air filter and throttle/brake linkages. The end result looks very high quality, with some nicely machined aluminium and carbon fibre, and works as expected. They are currently taking pre-orders for a December delivery. Source: Ignite Design…

January 7, 2019

1up Racing TC7.2 wide pivot blocks

Coming from 1up Racing are new wide pivot blocks for the Team Associated TC7.2 down to TC6.2 series touring cars. The new +1.5 dot and +2 dot pivot blocks are wider than standard, offering a new range of fine tuning options and allowing drivers to go all the way to +5 dot wide when paired with standard Team Associated inserts. The suspension mounts also offer a tighter fit than the kit mounts to remove unwanted play from the suspension. Available are 1-piece and split blocks all of which come machined from high-quality aluminium that is finished off with a black…

April 9, 2018

Team Associated TC7.1 brass arm mounts

Coming from Team Associated are new brass arm mount for the TC7.1, TC7 and TC6.2 series of touring cars. They were designed to replace the stock machined aluminium outer and inner mounts with machined brass versions for increased mass. Each outer mount is 7 grams heavier than the aluminium version while the inner mounts add 2.5 grams each. A combination of these mounts, or completely replacing the stock mounts, helps with tuning the overall centre of mass. The suspension hangers are sold in pairs and the additional weight of the mounts is laser-etched. Source: Team Associated [teamassociated.com]…

December 18, 2017

Team Associated TC7.1 arm shims & hinge pin balls

…First up are Factory Team suspension arm shims in 0.2mm thickness. The tuning option allows finer increment adjustments for the roll centre and the set includes four 0.2mm outer shims and eight 0.2mm inner shims that fit the TC7.1. TC7 and TC6.2. Also new are Factory Team steel inner hinge pin balls as a replacement for the machined composite part. The steel part allows the hinge pin to pivot inside, allowing more precise fitment and consistent performance. Sold in sets of eight balls, enough for one complete chassis the parts fit the TC7.1, TC7 and TC6.2. Source: Team Associated [teamassociated.com]…

April 21, 2016

Reflex Racing introduce new TC7 & TC6.2 options

…of this the shock towers made from 4mm quasi isotropic carbon fibre are not only tougher than the original units, but lighter as well. Last but not least comes the TC6.2 aluminium chassis for the use with TC7 suspension parts. On top of allowing to install TC7 suspension components on the TC6.2 the chassis gives the option to use the new motor mount. The chassis includes all benefits of the RSD TC7 alloy chassis such as a narrow design, more outward flex points and it has been designed to be entirely symmetrical to ensure more consistent handling. The TC6.2 To…

June 9, 2015

Avid TC6.2 aluminium chassis plate

Coming from Avid and made for the Team Associated TC6.2 is an optional aluminium main chassis plate. Machined from 2mm 7075-T6 aluminium the chassis offers higher rigidity than the stock carbon fibre chassis, making it especially useful on high to medium-bite surfaces while allowing the suspension brackets to be mounted lower at the same time. Avid signature “herringbone” cut-outs lower the overall weight and give the chassis a unique look while the narrow 84mm width allows for more ground clearance in corners. The chassis comes black anodised, with machined silver edges and laser-etched Avid logos for easy identification. Features: –…

February 6, 2015

McPappy Racing McDominator 2.1 oval chassis kit

…additional 90 degree supports for rock solid rear chassis strength. Also a forth side shock mounting hole was added and all mounting screws of the crossbrace now use flatheads fasteners for perfect alignment while the nerf wing has been redesigned as well. Tungsten now also runs east to west and there is another thin one pocketed underneath as well with a total of five thick and one thin tungsten can be run in this chassis for a low centre of gravity. The package is rounded out by lightweight 45mm aluminium steering turnbuckles and TC6 connectors throughout. Source: McPappy Racing [mcpappy.com]…

November 12, 2014

2014 Time Zone II GP – Race Report

…the long journey from Quebec, Canada. Also, on hand to race as well as assist Keven was Team Associated’s engineer Bob Stellflue. Another great driver making the journey from New Mexico was Max Kuenning, who just won the World GT class at the IIC in Vegas. In the premier class of modified touring car, it was Team Associated’s Keven Hebert showing his elite speed with his TC6.2 by TQ’ing all four rounds of qualifying. With each qualifier, Keven pushed the pace further from the field and the only driver in the 10 second lap times with multiple fast lap of…

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