December 22, 2008

GRP Narrow Jolly buggy tire

GRP have released their latest product in their tire range, the narrow Jolly. Reduced in width from 44mm to 30mm in width, they offer the best performance under wet and muddy conditions compared with standard width tires. It is possible to use it also under dry conditions on the front combined with the standard Jolly on the rear, if your car has too much bite on the front. Available in the same compounds as for all other GRP standard tires and they are also available as pre-mounts.

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December 18, 2008

GRP 1/8th scale Buggy rims

GRP have released a new 1/8th scale buggy rim and is the product of many tests carried out during this racing season, according to the usual GRP policy, whereby GRP introduces on the market its own new products only after many long test sessions. The rim features a new structure to improve its flexibility and has been lightened by 21% from 40 grams to 31 grams. Featuring a new external diameter of 83mm they are available in White and fluorescent yellow.

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December 12, 2008

GRP Gandini NOT sold to Chinese investor

According to Italian newspaper ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’, engine and tire manufacturer GRP Gandini has been sold to a Chinese investor. The move follows some financial difficulties for the competition brand following bad months for sales in September and October. This led to the investment bank wanting out and so the owners, Stefano and Maurizio Gandini, were forced by the banks to sell the concern, which they started in 1994. The sale, said to be in the region of six million euros dollars, leaves the former owners no longer at the helm of the company, but both will stay on as technical advisors. It not confirmed whether the production will move to China where the paper claims production costs will be 1/3rd of that in Europe. We have contacted GRP for comment and will add their response when we get it.

UPDATE (17:52): The Gandini brothers have issued a statement (automatic translation) on an Italian forum saying they have not been sold and the whole story was a HUGE misunderstanding by the journalist who wrote the piece.

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October 27, 2008

Drake tests new Losi/GRP truggy tires

Adam Drake dropped us a mail to say that last weekend the Losi driver did some extensive testing using the first sets of Losi / GRP Eclipse and Reptile tires for truggy together with production inserts. Adam was extremely happy with the tires and the lap times reflected this. Public release of the new truggy tires is expected for early December.

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April 17, 2008

GRP Truggy Extra Soft tires

GRP Truggy Extra Soft tires

Mirage Racing are promoting the new addition to the GRP Truggy line up, which has been boosted with the addition of the new Extra Soft compound Tyre. Tested to guarantee the best performance in every racing condition, for both competition and those drivers racing for fun.

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February 29, 2008

GRP Air Filter Line

GRP Air Filter Line

GRP have announced their new line up of air filters for use on both on road and off road cars. First thing you will notice is that each air filter set is supplied in an orange plastic box, with the on road version supplied with 5 foam air filters and oil, while the buggy filter is supplied with 12 filters and 2 bottles of special oil. Made from high quality material, these parts are low priced as they are meant to be replaced often.

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February 19, 2008

GRP 1/8th scale Foam Tyres

GRP 1/8th scale Foam Tyres

For 2008 GRP 1/8th scale on road tyres have been completely renewed following on going research and tests made in co-operation with team drivers and major model manufacturers from this category. Improvements have been made to all elements of the finished tyre such as foam compound, rim, gluing and more, with the biggest single change coming from the company’s new automatic gluing system which eliminates all elastic tension inside the tyre’s structure, guaranteeing lots of grip and long durability. Also improved is the foam, which is made with a special process and then treated to improve grip and life, and all hardness shores are checked automatically to ensure consistency. Finally, new wheels have been made with a special plastic material, and together with a reinforced yet flexible structure, they ensure no reduction in performance in all temperatures.

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February 7, 2008

Toy Fair – GRP Gandini

GRP Engines

The bright orange GRP stand was hard to miss and in it we were shown the new line of GRP engines, exhausts and accessories as well as the Italian manufacturers main stay of on and off road tires. What can you say new about the GRP engines that is not already known, similar to the previous Ninja, Falcon and Boss branded motors, the new motors are very different internally with different materials and configuration. As with the previous branded motors all GRP motors are sold in a very nice presentation box and both the sport and tined line are available in a promo pack that comes with a hat, pipe, keyring and the exhaust system.

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