April 12, 2011

JConcepts Truth V2 bodyshell

JConcepts have released the Truth V2, specifically designed for Slash, Slash 4×4 and SC10, the Truth V2 represents the latest generation of the Truth body line by JConcepts. Representing the latest in trends by offering a completely redesigned off-road truck body. As with the original Truth body, the V2’s stand-out features include the roof scoop, fan treatment and aero cab, bed and fenders which have all been updated and designed with performance in mind. The V2 body also includes complete number plates, name plates and complete rear roll-bar detail, the Truth body is a one-stop shop for SCT performance. In addition, one of the highlights of the styling includes extra fender clearance to minimize troublesome tire rubbing issues.

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March 15, 2011

JConcepts Rulux wheel for SC10 & XXX-SCT

By popular demand JConcepts is bringing the Rulux 12mm hex design to the SC10, SC10 4×4, XXX-SCT and similar wheel offset applications. Rulux wheels are 1:1 inspired and no detail has been missed with these beauties as the Rulux wheel incorporates a lug nut and spoke affect that emulates the real thing. Wheel profile, interior and exterior ribbing and spoke design were all areas of focus while creating the combination of durability, clearance, functionality and appearance. To use the 12mm hex wheel on the SC10 or XXX-SCT it requires an inboard hub conversion for the front and JConcepts new hex adapter at the rear. Precision machined and blue anodised aluminium features a clamping style design that combines durability and functionality.

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February 23, 2011

JConcepts Profiled SC insert

Tire inserts are one of the most critical aspects of Short Course off-road racing. Racers have asked JConcepts for a firmer and more durable insert and after much deliberation the new JConcepts Profiled insert is ready. Having the insert with proper density for track conditions pays dividends to the racer and especially toward the end of races. Starting on too firm an insert, the driver feels ‘on edge’ during the first run or subsequent runs on a set of inserts. Starting on too soft an insert, the driver’s vehicle is not responsive enough or runs the risk of too much insert breakdown during the tail end of a tires life which creates a squirmy or inconsistent feel. Having the feel that is just right requires a bit of balance of durability and hardness. To add to the construction and performance, JConcepts has added cut / grooves into the profile of the inserts to add an even greater driver to track feel.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

January 26, 2011

JConcepts Tense wheels for Slash 2wd

New for the Slash 2wd JConcepts have released their Tense front wheels which are a glue-on, all-out competition inspired wheel from the ground up designed to withstand heavy abuse and perform under even the most demanding situations.  The wheel design begins with a scale appeal and functionality that separates itself from the rest, while a heavy duty black nylon material and 12mm beefy hex design combine to form the ultimate in scale and performance. Topping off the appearance of the wheel are 2 optional open and closed center caps, one with JC logo for authenticity and brand loyalty. With 2 solid and 2 open center caps included, the driver now has the option for complete show with a closed cap or performance and function with the open cap. The center caps are secured to the wheel with included 6 – 2.5x8mm button head screws.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

January 10, 2011

JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT O.S.F.M. body

JConcepts introduces the ‘one-size fits most’ ROAR National Champion winning Ford Raptor SVT body.   With an ever increasing number of SCT trucks on the market a need for a body that is extremely versatile is in demand. With no pre-determined marks JConcepts hits demand with the popular Raptor SVT SCT-R body. Beginning with the latest in 1:1 truck detail by incorporating the latest treatment in grill and headlight design, adding street appeal, the front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of tires and wheels while maintaining that exclusive design and look. Extended cab design with recessed side windows, louvers along the front hood highlight a number of the front-end styling cues. Deep recessed trim-out locations along the hood and bed area provide ample space for air relief cut-outs which reduce the parachute / blow-over affect that is so common in Short Course racing. Short course inspired bed area with incredible detail finish off this extraordinary, tough design.

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January 10, 2011

JConcepts 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger SCT body

Officially licensed by Ford, JConcepts introduces the 1979 Ford F-250 Ranger SCT body.  Built as they were in the good ole days, JConcepts has brought an essence of the 1979 truck together with the latest offerings in competitive Short Course Racing. With detailed 70’s styling, the hood scoop immediately is a standout retro feature which lends itself to the grill, fender and authentic 70’s cab styling. JConcepts left no detail untouched on bringing this old / new theme to the SCT crowd and most notably the rear roll bars and front to back horizontal body lines that give the “79” unmatched SCT realism. Like all JConcepts bodies, performance is always a top priority and the 1979 does not stop short in performance. The stance has been optimized utilizing dimensional aspects of the other popular JConcepts bodies, the Manta and Raptor SVT. Fits the Slash, Slash 4×4, SC10 and other similar SCT’s

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December 16, 2010

JConcepts Carvers for Short Course trucks

JConcepts have introduced their Carvers directional ribbed front tire for Short Course trucks. The advantage of the Carvers tire is the ability to tune steering response by utilizing a radial rib to present the tire compounds to the racing surface. Typically, ribbed tires net a less aggressive and more predictable front end response which can ultimately deliver faster and more consistent races. With the 2.2” x 3.0” design, the large sidewall retains the realism of the class while providing an additional tuning option. The Carvers front tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces. The sharp angular and directional ribs provide the ultimate in control and direction on the most common dry and wet condition surfaces. The compact tire body combined with the JConcepts firm profiled inserts allow for precise steering input and response for the most consistent laps times available. Carvers in new condition excel on low traction surfaces as well as high ‘loamy’ traction and wet surfaces where no rubber has been taken into the racing surface. Worn Carvers excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a light blue groove has formed. Available in Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green), and Indoor Soft (Gold) compounds.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

October 30, 2010

JConcepts pre-mounted Short Course tires


JConcepts has hit the easy button once again with an entire line of pre-mounted Short Course Tires. JConcepts set a new standard in Short Course tire design and performance with the original Goose Bumps, and now, they are even easier to use than ever before with the introduction of pre-mounts. The line-up includes the versatile Subcultures and ROAR National Champion Goose Bumps, Double Dees and Bar Codes all in sticky green compound. Stay on-track in SCT and hit the easy button with JConcepts.

View the full line up of SC pre mounts here