April 13, 2007

Pro Line Indoor Challenge – Video


Neo Buggy have uploaded two videos from last weekends Pro Line Indoor Challenge in which German driver Joern Neumann took the win for Thunder Tiger. The video above shows the battle between early race leader Scott Hughes and Joern Neumann while the video below shows the very start of the main final.

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April 13, 2007

Axe Rossi may bring Gomez to court?

Richi Gomez

Our site partners, Neo Buggy, have today brought to our attention the news that Axe Rossi may bring Richi Gomez to court over breach of contract. As we wrote before on our site, Richi, who had signed for Axe Rossi at the start of the year in a high profile team launch, was spotted only 2 months later at the Silverstate race running an RB motor and again at the first round of the Spanish Nationals (above) earlier this month. Neo Buggy cite disagreements between both parties prior to the Silverstate event as the reason for the split. Richi had signed to race RB motors only 4 months before signing for Axe Rossi and is quickly building himself a reputation as being unreliable to sponsors.

Source: Neo Buggy [neobuggy.net]

April 12, 2007

Nam & Sahashi win Rd1 of Serpent Korea Cup

Serpent Korea Cup

Serpent are reporting on last weekends first round of the Hyundai sponsored Serpent Korea Cup that took place at the Suwon circuit. Attracting 60 racers, the event was open to racers of all makes of 1:10 and 1:8 scale cars and attracted special guests, the famous Sahashi brothers all the way from Japan. In 1:10 Yuya Sahashi broke the track record to TQ for the event with his Serpent 720 but in the final both brothers suffered engine problems which allowed young Korean Serpent racer Nam SangJun to take the win fom Kyosho driver Choi Seungwon in 2nd and Ahn Nyunho in 3rd. In 1:8 SangJun again starred by securing the TQ position with his 960 and in the race the youngster did a superb job to finish second behind Serpent team driver Yuya Sahashi to give Serpent a great 1-2 result with Oh Yongtaek in 3rd for Kyosho.

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Source: Serpent [serpent.com]

April 11, 2007

Mark Remken wins Rd2 of SA RC Pro Series

Rd2 of SA RC Pro Series

A while ago we announced on our site the creation of the South African RC Pro Series, and even prior to that announcement the first round of that championships was won in which Jonathon Ment won the buggy class and Carl Hein Fommann won the truggy. Just over a week ago was round 2 of this series and it took place at Avion Raceway in Kempton Park South Africa and 70 racers were in attendance. Below is a report from the organisers from this event.

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April 11, 2007

Teddy Syach wins Pre-FEMCA race

Teddy Syach wins Pre-FEMCA race

Serpent are reporting on their site about last weekends Pre FEMCA championship race that was held at Jakartas Twin Circuit facility. The event was seen as the warm up event for the FEMCA Championships which take place on this track later in the year, and at this event it was Serpent driver Teddy Syatch that was the man to beat TQ’ing both classes along with recording the fastest lap of the weekend for both classes too. Unfortunately organisers were forced to cancel the A Mains due to heavy rain with the result being declared on the outcome of the qualifying heats which meant Teddy won both classes with 2nd place in 1/10th going to Peter Widjaja and Ryan Chandra in 3rd. In the 1/8th scale class, behind Teddy, it was Fayakhun TKI in 2nd and Arya Rido in 3rd.

Click here for the full results and some more pictures.

Source: Serpent [serpent.com]

April 11, 2007

Bartolozzi & Reade take the 2007 NSW State titles

NSW State titles

Last weekend saw the New South Wales State championships take place at the Moore Bank Raceway in Sydney, as made famous by the 2001 1/8th scale World Championships. The race played host to 1/10th touring Pro, touring Pullstart and 1/8th scale and was event was meant to be completed on Sunday, but due to rain on that day the finals were run on the Monday rain day, ensuring a fair race for everyone. In the 1/8th scale class it was Kyosho racer Rick Bartolozzi that took the top qualifier spot and in the race lead from start to finish to take the State title with Wayne Walker finishing a close 2nd on the same lap while Peter Jovanovic came home in 3rd, 4 laps behind the leading pair.

In 1/10th toruing Pro it was Peter Jovanovic that took the pole position for the final but in the race it was Chris Reade that lead the race all the way, right up until it was stopped just short of the full distance due of rain which ensured Reade took the win, while Worlds podium finisher Jovanovic, who was closing before the race was stopped, finished in 2nd, only 8 seconds behind with Darren Campbell coming home in 3rd, 2 laps down. In the Pullstart class it was Joe Patane that took the win, after early race leader Ray Zarb ran into problems, with John Bates and Blake Young claiming the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

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April 10, 2007

Pro Line Indoor Challenge – Full report

Joern Neumann

While we may have given you a brief report of what went on at the Pro Line Indoor Nitro Challenge last weekend, nothing beats actually being there and absolutely nothing beats an oOple report. Jimmy and Vicky, the dynamic duo, were at it again last weekend and as well as reporting on the event in full on a day by day basis they have loads of interviews with some really top racers such as Neumann, Maifield, Hughes, Cree and more, and of course as its oOple the photos are always top notch. The image gallery from the event is now online so be sure to check them out also.

Read the oOple report here.

Image: oOple [oople.com]

April 10, 2007

Mark Green wins Rd1 of UK 1/8th Nats

Mark Green

Last weekend saw the first round of the UK 1/8th scale Nationals take place at the Mendip track in the mid west of England. Mark Green, winner of the Pre Worlds in Argentina and round 1 of the UK 200mm Nationals, carried forward his top form to this race to take the TQ at this event ahead of fellow Serpent racer Richard Hicklin, with Dave Dixon in 3rd. In the race itself it was Mark once again that took the win, followed home by Mugen racer Gareth Bell in 2nd, 3 laps down with Andrew North completing the podium in 3rd, a further 2 laps down on Bell.

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