June 14, 2022

XTR X5 nitro offroad engine

XTR have introduced their new X5 nitro offroad engine. Supplied with all the technical tuning options as standard, such as DLC treated crankshaft and rear ceramic bearing, this engine has been designed to improve throttle response and fuel economy. It supplied with a 7.5mm verturi giving you the power you need for all grip conditions from very low to extremely high.

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June 14, 2022

RC Maker MTC2 carbon upper bulkhead set

RC Maker introduce their brand new carbon upper bulkheads for the Mugen MTC2. These 2.5mm CNC Machined Upper Bulkheads allow more flex on the caster axis and provide improved traction for your MTC2 Chassis. 3 Different Versions provide different caster settings for all tuning options front and rear. Front Caster is a great tuning option to balance between high and low speed steering. Less caster provides more low speed steering for technical tracks, while more caster provides more high speed steering for fast, flowing tracks. Rear Caster on modern chassis’ defines the rear wheelbase. More rear caster shortens the wheelbase for smaller, more technical tracks where rotation from the rear is required. Less rear caster lengthens the wheelbase which provides support and stability for more open, high speed tracks where confidence in the rear is required to push. The plates use the original pill inserts and also feature the same thickness, leaving all geometry unchanged.

Source: RC Maker [rcmaker.com.au]

June 13, 2022

Reedy Sonic 540.DR competition BL Drag racing motors

After months of work by their engineering and racing team, Reedy have announced the release of the Sonic 540.DR competition 1:10 brushless drag racing motor. Externally, the 540.DR looks much like its cousin, the 540-M4. But the heart of the motor is where the major changes can be found. A new stator with an updated profile, thicker laminations, and unique material has been crafted specifically for the requirements of drag racing. Ample torque off the line with heavy pull through the pass improve ET and consistency. A balanced, high-strength 13.5mm rotor suspended between precision ball bearings provides powerful performance pass after pass. To fine-tune for varying track conditions and surfaces, a variety of optional rotors are coming soon.

Source: Reedy [associatedelectrics.com]

June 13, 2022

Ahn Jung Hyun wins AC Speedway Invitational race

AC speedway in Busan, South Korea held their Invitational race race last weekend. The asphalt track was well prepared with sugar water to offer consistent grip for racers. Three classes were run, Modified, 13.5T Boosted and 13.5T Nonboost. The race consisted of 4 rounds of qualifying followed by triple mains for the A finalist on this amazing track. In the Modified class, Yokomo’s factory driver Nicholas Lee from Singapore would take 3 out of 4 rounds in qualifying, earning him the TQ spot ahead of Ahn Jung Hyun (AC speedway owner) and Kang Jung Mug. In the finals, Ahn showed great composure to take the win with his BD11 ahead of Kwon Chanu (BD11) and Nicholas lee, who suffered with technical issues will, rounding out the podium.

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June 13, 2022

T-Works MTC2 ECS driveshafts

T-Works have released new ECS driveshafts for the Mugen MTC2. Made from high-quality spring steel for maximum durability, the dual coupling shafts reduce the chattering of the front suspension in corners and are a direct replacement for the stock parts. Sold as a pair, they sport a 40.5mm shaft length.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 10, 2022

Avid B6.4 carbon servo mount brace

New from Avid is this B6.4 carbon servo mount brace. Also suitable for the B6.3, the brace increases your steering responsiveness by lightly stiffening the front end compared with using the kit plastic brace. The part is made from high quality carbon fibre and sports lightly chamfered edges for a cleaner look.

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

June 10, 2022

Maxima RC Racing fuel line-up

Maxima RC Racing fuel is now being manufactured in Europe by one of the leading manufacturer that ensures high racing performance and specifically formulated for longer engine life with Maxima’s lubrication technology. The line-up of fuels includes three different mixtures for different applications. Maxima Plasma is specifically designed for the Ultimate On-Road application, Tempo is particularly designed for Touring application such as 1:8th GT and 1:10th touring car, while Pandora is for offroad applications.

Source: Maxima [maxima-europe.com]

June 10, 2022

1up Racing Pro Duty titanium servolock screws

Keep your servo in its place with 1up Racing Pro Duty titanium servolock screws. These CNC machined Grade 5 Titanium screws feature an oversized head and wide neck for a snug fit in most common 1/10 servos to help ensure your steering or throttle points won’t shift during hard collisions. Pro Duty Titanium is as good as it gets. You can expect these to withstand any abuse thrown their way and look great while doing it. The ultra-sleek head design removes as much unnecessary material as possible for an unbeatable look and superior weight savings.

Source: 1up Racing [1upracing.com]