December 28, 2008

Tim Bremicker joins Int’l RB Team

Having recently confirmed his move from Kyosho to Mugen for 2009, current German 1/8th scale buggy and truggy National Champion Tim Bremicker has officially joined the international RB Team. Tim raced with RB last season for the RMV Team and his move to the factory team carries forward this successful combination into the new season.

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December 27, 2008

Trishbits Losi shock collars

Our friends at oOple are reporting on some new shock collars from Trishbits, designed to replace the stock collars on Losi off road dampers. ‘The Losi collars have long been hated by racers for being hard to adjust and stiff, especially with oily fingers. TrishBits addressed this by going for a slightly deeper design with a more aggressive pattern for those oily fingers, making them much easier to adjust and with better support for the spring with a deeper shoulder. The Collars come as a set of 4 ready to be fitted with o-rings installed.’

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December 27, 2008

Choong Yeol wins Korean Al Pro Rd2

The 2nd round of the South Korean Al Pro Series took place recently and weather throughout the event was very cold. The 1 hour long race was won by Xray and VP Pro driver Shin Choong Yeol, by a massive 5 laps ahead of Kim Jung Nyun in 2nd with Ho Hong Jung in 3rd, a further 4 laps adrift.

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December 26, 2008

JConcepts 1/8th Racing tires

JConcepts have announced some new tires in their range with the release of new Double Dees & Cross Hairs Half-ups as well as Double Cross tires. For trucks, the Double Dees Half-ups tire is perfect for a variety of track surfaces, which combines the unique Double Dee lug technology, together with the sticky yellow and blue compound, allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time. The Cross Hairs are a new multi-purpose tire for 1/8th trucks that have a unique Crossing lug technology combined with the sticky compounds, like yellow and blue, allow the flexibility necessary to compete on a multitude of the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time. For buggies there is the new Double Cross, brutally large slotted lugs for maximum thread life while incorporating half height Double Cross and Double Dee lug and pins. Maximum control, stability and longevity were the areas of focus during the testing and development of the Double Cross.

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December 25, 2008

Kyosho Desert Race Truck RTR

Kyosho have released their entry into the CORR series class with the introduction of the new 1/10th scale DRT, Desert Race Truck. The latest spec .18 powered race truck brings home the goods in this new era of off-road action, with the advanced chassis design promising real racing performance while superior handling allows it to be easy to drive. The stable stance lets you power through the dirt even on blown out 1/8th buggy tracks and takes on big jumps without missing a beat. Under the advanced engineered body is an optimized chassis layout with the DRT sharing many of its parts, option parts and performance with the DBX and DST. Kyosho knows what you want and so the DRT comes fully assembled and ready to hit the dirt.

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December 24, 2008

Chris Doughty signs with JConcepts

Former European Champion UK racer Chris Doughty has reached an agreement to run the full compliment of JConcepts products for 2009. Although Chris will be changing his focus slightly, by moving over to 1/8th scale buggy, he is expected to be a great asset to the team. JConcepts hopes to build on their 2008 success not only in the US, but also internationally and Chris is sure to be a part of that.

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December 24, 2008

PSM Racing 8ight & Hyper 9 options

PSM Racing have released some new aluminium option parts for the Losi 8ight and Hobao Hyper 9. For the 8ight/2.0 and 8ight T are these pair of new blue anodised aluminium fuel tank posts, which feature holes for body clips to allow quick removal of the tank. For the Hyper 9, is an aluminium rear wing mount set, which has a super light design and is very stable way to mount the wing.

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December 23, 2008

Borja Hernandez joins RB Engines

RB Engines have confirmed that Spanish Hobao driver Borja Hernandez, a World finalist and 2 time podium finisher at the European Championship, has joined their international team. The former GRP driver, Borja chose RB engines as he believes it will help increase his perfomances and results for 2009 season.

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