December 28, 2006

Jammin release new Pro .21 & .28 Engines

Jammin engines

Jammin have announced the release of 2 new pro engines, a .21 and a .28 motor. Both engines have been optimised for off road racing and both feature turbo plugs as well as a number of other performance enhancing improvements.

Tweaks to the materials, crank timing, and tolerances all played a part in getting the engine to the high performance edge that Jammin Jay requires. Both engines deliver excellent bottom end power with great top end run out.

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December 27, 2006

Xtreme Racing release MBX5R shock tower

Xtreme MBX5R Shock Tower

Xtreme Racing have released this 4mm thick carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Mugen MBX5R. With the abuse that these parts experience on the track it is important that they can stand up to the punishment and these ones look like they could. The shock tower is a direct replacement but also contains an extra row of shock mounting holes for further adjustment. Xtreme Racing have also released carbon shock towers for the MBX5T too.

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December 26, 2006

Aigoins engine fetches $800 in auction

Yannick Aigoin's RB C6

Earlier this month we mentioned that website was to auction the actual RB engine that Yannick Aigoin led and nearly won this years 1/8th buggy World Championship with, well that auction has now ended and the winning bid for this great engine was $800. The engine was kindly donated by Rody Roem of RB products for this sale so all this money will be  donated the UNICEF, a great gift in this season of giving.

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December 23, 2006

Piktor start giving us the details

Piktor start giving us the details

We have written a lot about the new Rush 2 from Piktor and i have to admit to liking this car because it is a break from the norm. We already know quite a bit about it but now Piktor want us to know more and have released more images and explanations of the details on the car such as the rear hubs that are the same on both sides and the use of inserts to allow the adjustment of both inboard and ouboard toe settings.

Check out the new details here.

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December 22, 2006

Cody King signs to Sirio

Cody King signs to Sirio

Our partner site Neo Buggy are reporting that top US Kyosho off road racer Cody King has made the move to Sirio engines after previously running with the Team Orion made WASP motors. This is of course the exact opposite move made by Adrien Bertin 2 days ago, but of course thats just coincedence.

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December 21, 2006

Oren Levy is Israeli HotWheels Champion

Oren Levy

Xray are reporting on their site that they have won last weekend HotWheels Israeli Championship for 1/8th off road buggies. The championship results were decided in the final race of the year and it was Oren Levy driving the Xray XB8 that took the title ahead of Yaniv Sivan in 2nd place and another Xray racer Yosi Stern in 3rd.

The XRAY team was driving awesome this season. All team members reported that the car was handling very well and all were very satisfied with the car’s performance and handling. Most racers succeeded in improving their results during this season using the superb XRAY XB8TQ kit.

Read the full report here.

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December 21, 2006

GRP release innovative exhaust system

GRP FLS Exhaust Pipe

GRP have announced the release of their new innovative 3 chamber exhaust system for 3.5cc off road engines. The innovation isn’t the new titanium colored finish but instead with the fact that the need for springs in mounting the exhaust to the manifold is eliminated with a new patented locking system called FLS.

The main novelty is the FLS (Fast Link System), studied and patented by GRP worldwide. This new system eliminates the need for springs, gaskets between the manifold and the pipe. You simply insert them and twist and it locks into place. Not only the FLS is new but also the pipe is made from a harder material, titanium finishing and a true 3 chamber model, guranteeing high performance and low noise.

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December 20, 2006

David Crompton confirmed for Team Magic

David Crompton confirmed for Team Magic

After David Cromptons debut last weekend at the Neo Invitational in which he drove the all new Team Magic M1B and got into the main final, it seem obvious that the British Champion was destined to race this car in 2007, and now it has been confirmed.

CML are very excited about having the top driver in British Rallycross to help bring this car to the market and look forward to a enjoyable and fruitful season. David will be joined in the Team Magic camp by Dave Bailey, another top driver from the CML stable and we believe with these two drivers we have very strong driver line up to promote the M1-B.

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