December 4, 2006

HoBao Hyper Truggy RTR

HoBao RTR are claiming the scoop on the first pictures of the new RTR from HoBao. This car as you can see is not actually ready to run, what with it having no engine, exhaust or radio gear but of course the final sale versions will have everything included. This particular car will be raced by Joseph Quagraine in the truggy class at this months Neo Invitational race.

You can view all the exclusive pictures here.

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December 1, 2006

Richi Gomez has his first test for GS

Richi Gomez

We reported earlier this month that multiple Spanish Champion and RB team driver Richi Gomez had signed for GS Racing from Sidorf. Well now we have trackside pictures of Richi testing his new GS buggy and truggy that he will race at next months Neo Invitational race in England.

You can view all the images from the test here.

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November 30, 2006

Hong Nor / Jammin pivot ball system

Hong Nor / Jammin pivot ball system

Apparently it is a big deal that Hong Nor / Jammin are releasing this optional pivot ball suspension system, seen above, for their X1 CR buggy? Personally i drove gas circuit cars for 17 years, so for me pivot ball suspension is one of the more accepted suspension systems available, but it seems that this is not the case in off road. Our partner sites Buggy-Sport and Neo-Buggy are trembling with excitment with the news of this revelation so please satisfy them by checking out the pictures on their sites here and here.

November 30, 2006

Team Magic M1B production pictures

Team Magic M1B

Our partners Neo-Buggy have exclusive production shots of the M1B 1/8th scale buggy from Team Magic. This very same car appears in this months RC Driver magazine but if you haven’t had a chance to see it there then now is your chance. A number of key areas have been improved on the car before it went into production including the wing mount, fuel tank placement, chassis plate and a few other things.

View the images of the M1B here.

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November 30, 2006

Active Hobby maintenance stands

Active Hobby maintenance stand

Japanese company Active Hobby have released this very nice looking rotating maintenance stand for your off road buggy or Truggy. They come in 2 colours, blue and black, and look very cool and whats better is that when not in use the legs can fold up so the whole thing is a lot smaller and can be put away in your tool box with little problems. Active Hobby have also released a number of other neat items that you can check on their site here.

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November 29, 2006

The Piranha P2 2wd buggy

Piranha P2

This is a wicked home made 2wd buggy from a guy called Aaron who posted over at the oOple forums. This buggy is made from a self made carbon/kevlar tub and features in board suspension on the front, which is mounted to the outside of the main tub giving it a strange look but very good handling. I think its a nice project and its always good to see people trying different things and thinking outside the box.

You can see more pictures of it here and here.

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November 29, 2006

Xray release bunch of XB8 Optionals

Xray Mud Scraper

Xray have pulled out all the stops and come out with a bunch of new optionals for the XB8 buggy. My favourite of which is the mud scraper shown in the image above, that removes the mud that has built up in the inside of your wheel when racing in wet and muddy conditions. Other parts include clutch bells and spur gears, coloured wheels and wings as well as a new body and a few other bits and pieces.

You can check out all the new optional parts here.

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November 28, 2006

Ron Maya wins the New Zealand 1/8th Buggy Nats

New Zealand 1/8th Buggy Nats

Ron Maya, driving his Xray XB8TQ buggy has won last weekends New Zealand 1/8th buggy nationals. Held in difficult conditions at the Harewood Radio Control car club, based in Christchurch, the event attracted 55 buggies and 30 truggies all set to battle for the National title. Conditions deteriorated after qualifying when the rain started to pour down during the 1 hour main final making driving very difficult.

By now the clouds had opened and rain fell over most of the track, the back straight section was sheltered by trees so didn’t receive quite as much water. Small puddles started to form leaving some cars to slide off the track. However Ron maintained his cool driving his XB8 TQ very consistently, in fact his lap times were same even near the end of the race when the track was extremely wet as he drove at the start when the track was damp!

You can read the full report and see more pictures here.

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