April 15, 2024

Moto-Obscura XX4 12mm Aluminium Axle Stubs

New from vintage racing accessories brand Moto-Obscura are these Aluminium 12mm Axle Stubs for the Team Losi XX4 4WD Buggy which won World Championship titles in 1999 and 2002.    The 12mm front Axle stubs are the newest addition to Moto-Obscura’s track tested line of accessories for the Losi XX4. They allow you to run modern 12mm hex 4WD wheels with the stock universal joint driveshafts.  If you are running MIP CVDs or LCD driveshafts, they also offer 12mm hex adapters.  The axle stubs are machined from 7075-T6 aluminium alloy and feature a 10-32 thread just like the stock axles and comes as a set of two axle stubs.

Source: Moto-Obscura [moto-obscura.com]

April 15, 2024

Cragg & Hall win at British Championship opener

Chasing his 28th British National Championship title, reigning BRCA 1:10 2WD Offoad Champion Neil Cragg made the perfect start to his quest with victory at the season opener held at Robin Hood Raceway.  In 4WD it was reigning Champion and Team Associated team-mate Tommy Hall who took the win for the perfect start to the 6 round championship.  In 2WD qualifying it was Schumacher’s Josh Holdsworth who secured the TQ from Hall, both drivers topping 2 round each, while behind Cragg secured P3 on the grid ahead of Schumacher’s Lee Martin.  While Holdsworth took A1 from Cragg, the rest of his day didn’t fair well and he ended up 5th overall.  A2 saw a win for Cragg while Hall led them home in A3 but with a 1st & P2 it was Cragg with the overall win from Martin with a pair of second places while Hall’s win and P4 from A1 saw him complete the podium.  Switching to 4WD, it was former European Champion Hall who secured the TQ from Martin, both drivers posting two TQ runs each with Cragg again lining up P3 ahead of Ben Smith.  Despite Martin’s best efforts in A1, Hall took the first two encounters to wrap up the win with Martin get the A3 win to finish runner-up ahead of Cragg.

Image: Schumacher [racing-cars.com] 

April 15, 2024

Ment & Bakla win NSW State Titles

Boasting one of the largest entries for a state titles event in Australia, the 1:10 Offroad NSW State titles took place over the weekend at 2025 IFMAR Offroad World Championship host track Hills Off Road RC Car Club where Team Associated’s Jarod Ment (2WD) and Xray’s Ari Bakla (4WD) took the two big titles up for grabs.  A low/med grip level track using molasses to bind the surface to maintain consistency throughout the day whilst reducing the need for water/blowing of the track, the State Titles attracted in excess of 220 entries with 60+ Mod drivers spread over the 3 day event.  In Saturday’s 4WD action it was Bakla who secured the TQ ahead of the Q1 topping Team Associated of Lachlan Donnelly after he took the remaining 3 of the four rounds as Ment completed the Top 3. In the triple finals Bakla maintained that form to secure the title in A2 with the rest of the podium order ending up the same as how they qualified.  Switching to 2WD on Sunday, qualifying saw three different drivers TQ a round but with his Q4 it was again Bakla on pole followed by Donnelly and Ment.  In the finals however A1 would Donnelly force a pass in the final 30-second to snatch the win from the Top Qualifier.  A2 would see the Top 2 again go at it but contact would drop them both down the order with Ment taking late win.  With all on the line in A3, Bakla would make some early mistakes dropping down the field and releasing the 3 young talents of Donnelly, Ment and Jordan Isergin.  With just over a minute remaining Ment would pull off one of the best passes of the weekend finding a line up the inside after the doubles. Donnelly would hassle Ment for the position right until the final lap where a small mistake would allow Jordan Isergin to take second.  The result gave Ment the title ahead of Donnelly and Bakla.

Source: Mitch on the Mic [Facebook]

April 15, 2024

JConcepts Razor polycarbonate 1:8 wing

JConcepts has released its latest technically advanced alternative 2-piece wing for 1:8 racing with its new untrimmed polycarbonate Razor.  The Razor polycarbonate wing features a brand-new design mimicking the injection molded Razor as closely as possible.  Incorporating a multi-height layout which allows the wing to sit in a lower stance and the center section allows the included center divider to be added as another tuning option.  The wing is extremely light weight, formed in 1mm polycarbonate, and includes a centre divider together on the same part.  The wing is refined with taller side-dams, and taller rear gurney with trim lines and dimples finished on the part.  Angular sections blend nicely into the high-performance shape giving a location for that initial step and transition to the wing’s gurney position.  At the base of the wing rests the “fangs” that have become so popular on the 1:10 off-road carpet | turf | dirt wing.  Since the wing has a lowered section in the centre, some 1:8 buggies may have interfering geometry which will need to be trimmed or cut to allow the wing to drop down on the wing mounts.

View wing mounted here

April 12, 2024

JConcepts S2 RC10B7 body

JConcepts has released its popular S2 body for the latest 1:10 2WD Buggy offering from Team Associated, the RC10B7.  The S2 body for the RC10B7 has a rear scoop feature on the sidepods which can be user trimmed for increased airflow or left as an object of drag and rear downforce.  A centre stabilising fin picks up just toward the front of the cab and carries over the rear and lowered section to provide tracking ability at high speed.  Additional rails on each side of the lowered rear section provide increased durability and help direct airflow over the rear end.  On the hood, a #gojconcepts customary recessed area provides another surface for airflow or can be user trimmed to provide inner cooling.  The high-performance item has protection and surrounds the RC10B7 spur gear guard like a glove.  The championship winning item includes two of the 6.5” Carpet | Turf | Dirt wing which is now a standard racing item around the world.  Coming with two 6.5” wings,  the body includes all trim and window lines scribed on the body and masks to quickly cover the inside of the windows for painting.

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April 11, 2024

FEMCA EP Offroad Championship – Announcement

FEMCA, the governing body of RC racing that represents 15 nations in Asia and Australasia, has announced details of the 2024 FEMCA EP Offroad Championship.  Following the Covid shutdown, FEMCA, under the guidance of Vice President Leonard Kee has been proactive in re-establishing its various FEMCA title deciding races with 1:10 Offroad the latest event to be announced for July 19-21 at the GDC Indoor track in Foshan, China.  The track operated by well known racer Gavin Kwok, is no stranger to international visitors having hosted a very successful inaugural Foshan International Invitational RC Championship for electric touring car in December where former World Champion Ronald Volker took the victory.  In addition to its touring car track, GDC also has a dedicated astro turf offroad track on which it will host the FEMCA EP Offroad Championship.  A total of four FEMCA Champions will be crowned at the event including 4WD Modified & 13.5 Stock Buggy and 2WD Modified & 17.5T Stock Buggy.  The race will also feature 2WD & 4WD Vintage Buggy support races.  While the controlled tyre for each class is still to be announced, the schedule with see 5 rounds of qualifying with 3 to count and triple finals for everyone.  Former FEMCA EP Offroad Champions include multi discipline World Champion Naoto Matsukura.

View GDC offroad track images here

April 9, 2024

Hara ‘excited’ for Philippine Masters return

A former winner of the Philippine Masters, legend of the sport Atsushi Hara will make his return to the famed Manila based 1:8 Offroad event next week (April 18-21).  The offroad and onroad World Champion, last contested the race in 2019 and will return to the Circulo Verde track at the controls of an Sworkz Buggy, a decade on from when he raced for manufacturer full time during the 2014 season.  Joining the international entry that includes reigning World & Philippine Masters Champion Davide Ongaro, multiple Worlds finalist Kyle McBride, Asian Buggy Championship points leader & PM debutant Ryan Lutz, and another PM debutant Joern Neumann, on his return to the Asia’s biggest annual 1:8 Offroad race former FEMCA Champion Hara said, “I am so excited to be back at Philippine Masters, because Philippine Masters is one of the best organizers in the world.  This time, Sworkz and Cayote have helped me to enter the race!  I am also looking forward to seeing my many friends and fans in the Philippines!  See everybody at the track!”

Source: Asian Buggy Championships [Facebook]

April 9, 2024

Xray XB2 Narrow Gear Diff Composite Case & Cover

Xray has added this optional Narrow Gear Diff Composite Case & Cover for its XB2/XT2 2WD Offroad Platforms.  The Gear differential case with 53T pulley and cover for the narrower LCG Differential is made from a specially-formulated graphite composite mixture for increased strength and lower weight.  A perfect balance between reliability and performance.  Lightweight, the more durable material also makes it more resistance to higher temperatures and wear.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]