November 5, 2020

T-Works RC8B3.2 titanium turnbuckle set

Coming from T-Works and made for the Team Associated RC8T/B3.2 car is this 5-piece titanium turnbuckle set. The linkages are made of high-quality 64 Grade titanium and the set includes two hard coated aluminium wrenches in 4mm and 5mm for the two different diameter turnbuckles.

Source: T-Works []

November 4, 2020

SWorkz S35 shock conversion set V2

From SWorkz for their S35 series of buggies is the shock conversion set V2. Consisting of 4 shock absorber caps specially adapted for the S35 vehicles from partner Fast Race, the set also includes 4 membranes of different hardness to adapt the damping to different conditions. Yellow is soft, blue is medium and orange is hard.

Source: MW RC Cars []

November 4, 2020

Yeah Racing TRX-6 brass middle axle cover

More new brass items from Yeah Racing, this time for the Traxxas TRX-6. This brass middle axle cover weighs 76grams, meaning you can gain more traction from your tires by adding this extra weight to your chassis. Better still it is added to the bottom of the chassis through changing the stock interconnecting cover to brass.

Source: Yeah Racing []

November 4, 2020

Yeah Racing Capra brass shock mounts

For the Axial Capra from Yeah Racing are these adjustable brass shock mounts. Fine tune how your rig handles by adjusting the shock angle and droop travel with these brass shock mounts. Adding a tiny bit of weight allows you to extract more grip from your tires. Sold in a set of 4 pieces with the relevant fasteners.

Source: Yeah Racing []

November 3, 2020

Pilot RC Pill Chuck

The Pilot RC ‘Pill Chuck’ is a uniquely designed holder to organise and store your 1/10 scale offroad suspension tuning pills. This universal design will allow storage of most all popular manufacturer’s pills with each pill chuck holding up to 42 pills that can be accessed with a simple turn of the lid. Measuring at only 2 inches by 1 inch, it can be easily stowed away in your Plano box, Ogio or parts bin.

View another image of the Pill Chuck here

November 3, 2020

JConcepts Tremor SCT wheels

JConcepts have introduced their all new Tremor wheels for the 2.2 x 3.0” SCT wheel design. The Tremor is a 2-piece 12mm hex wheel assembly that allows different colour combinations between the mock bead lock and the main wheel structure. Having the wheels all one powerful colour or split matchups is now possible and allows the user even more colour combinations than ever before. The Tremor has 2 widths, the front, which is narrow and the rear which is interchangeable and standard for many platforms and vehicles on the market including the Slash 2wd and 4×4. The interlocked look of the 5-star pattern is highly sought-after by the 1:1 fanatics and the strength built inside is, of course, RC basher approved. The outer faux bead lock looks real and has a notch and cut-out pattern appearing very industrial while the bead lock has multiple location bosses which align with heavy recessed areas in the wheel.

View the rest of the wheel colour combos here

November 2, 2020

Associated B74.1 drivetrain option parts

Some new option parts are available now from Team Associated for the RC10B74.1 and RC10B74.1D buggy. Replace steel CVA cups with light-weight aluminium or tune the slipper clutch power delivery with the 3-Pad Conversion. Replace the centre CVA cups with these Factory Team 7075 aluminium versions over the kit steel type to shed rotating weight (4.7 grams) for faster acceleration. The 3-Pad slipper conversion is a complete parts set to change a RC10B74.1 slipper from the kit 2-pad slipper to a 3-pad slipper clutch. The kit design is a 11mm I.D. pad with a heavy 500lb/in spring, ideal for high-load carpet, while the 3-pad conversion is a standard 19mm I.D. pad with a softer spring, which delivers a smoother throttle feel with slower engagement for racers wanting a softer clutch feel.

View the 3-Pad slipper conversion here

November 2, 2020

JConcepts JCI M117 Lloyd body

The new JCI M117 Lloyd body by JConcepts is the definition of square body design with plenty of room underneath its large footprint for an assortment of accessories, electrical, transmission and suspension layouts. The M117 has a military side and once detailed with included distressed stars, JConcepts logos, headlight and grille, the new body transforms a rig in to a battle tested utility truck. With a lot of popular 12.3” wheelbase trucks on the market, the JConcepts team focused on the Lloyd being versatile enough to top the best rigs in the market. With large flange fenders the shell makes space for large tires which produce the best grip, flex and allow articulation. The straight panel layout, with recessed and ridged details help the body maintain its strong physique. Work your way up the almost 90 degree windshield angle is a chore but scale inspired cab and canvas like top with heavily bordered windows is what makes the M117 a classic.

View more images of the Lloyd body here