August 21, 2008

Shepherd Velox Adj RR Anti-roll bar

Shepherd Velox Adjustable RR Anti-roll bar

Team Shepherd have announced the release of this new rear adjustable anti-roll bar for the Velox chassis. Making its debut at the European Championship in Valencia last month where they handing prototypes out to different drivers for the first time, the response was good so they have decided to add it to the existing product line. This optional part makes adjusting the rear anti roll bar stiffness really quick and simple as well as giving the racer a wide range of adjustment in this area.

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August 16, 2008

Protoform R9-R & PF8 GT body shells

Protoform R9-R & PF8 GT body shells

Protoform have released their much anticipated R9-R, which is the latest in 190mm touring sedan bodies. This Global Body Spec ready race body is designed specifically for rubber tire racing whether it’s on a carpet or a paved surface racetrack. It features a low center of gravity even at the legal 115mm height. The oversize rear wing helps performance on a poor-grip surface that’s commonly experienced in club racing. Also new is the PF8 GT shell, designed for the exciting 1/8th scale GT class. This body style is sure to enhance speed and handling with its large rear wing and front splitter. It’s pulled in rugged genuine lexan and features 3 wing struts for added durability. If more rear downforce is required, the wing has the extra lexan material needed to bend a “gurney lip” across the top edge. Both bodies come with protective film, decals and wing mounting hardware.

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August 14, 2008

HB Lightweight EU Mazda 6 body

Hot Bodies Lightweight EU Mazda 6 MPS

Hot Bodies have released the new Moore-Speed Mazda 6 bodyshell, which has been improved for extra downforce, sleeker lines and improved traction in all conditions. The new bodyshell features several aerodynamic tweaks for more high-speed steering and a longer profile for improved straight-line stability, this will be the body to have for circuits of any size. From its new air splitter to the revised rear spill plates, this Moorespeed bodyshell is all-new and all about speed and handling. The front bumper, splitter, winglets, and the new bonnet bulge all enhance steering at high speed. A deep aero-channel from the windscreen to the rear deck improves air flow to the rear wing and new lip spoiler, while new bumper spill plates aid the exit of air from under the body.

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August 12, 2008

Parma 1/10 Mohawk 2 GBS body

Parma 1/10 Mohawk 2 GBS body

Following the success of their Alfa and Mohawk bodies, Parma have released this new design 190mm body shell, which is ROAR approved and meets the new GBS (Global Body Spec) standards. The modified design is claimed to equal or exceed the performance of their earlier 190mm wide lightweight versions. Available in only one standard thickness .030″ clear and includes body, wing, vinyl window masks and decals.

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August 11, 2008

Team Trion Car stands

Team Trion Car stands

Team Trion have released this pair of car stands to help with car preperation. Available in green, and featuring the Trion logo, the stands are available in 2 heights, a low version for touring car and also a taller version for off road cars. Supplied with foam strips for both the top and bottom of the stand, your car will not slide of the stand and the stand will not slide of your workbench.

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August 8, 2008

K-Factory E4 Alu 5-cell Battery Mount

K-Factory E4 Alu 5-cell Battery Mount

New from K-Factory is this E4 aluminium battery mount for 5 cell packs, specially designed to be used in the Team Magic E4FS and E4RS electric touring cars. Similar to the mount released previously for 6 cells, it too claims to make your car much more reliable and stronger, due to the increased hardness of the lightweight aluminium which when mounted acts as a structural part of the chassis. Hard coated for excellent surface protection, the battery mount features a milled battery tape slot that goes along the length of the mount to hold your cells in place.

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August 7, 2008

Exotek RC18R GT-Z body shell

Exotek RC18R GT-Z body shell

New from Exotek for the Associated RC18R, is this GT-Z body shell, which not only looks good but also performs. This body screams performance with its high down force wing, sculpted fenders, sleek hood line and super low profile roof line. The GT-Z is designed with extra room in the wheel wells to eliminate wheel rub, a major downfall in the stock 18R bodies, which seriously destabilizes the handling. Add the included high down force wing and you’ll have the most balanced feel you’ve ever experienced with your 18R. Made in the USA of durable .03″.

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August 4, 2008

KM Racing V-One RRR options

KM Racing V-One RRR options

KM Racing have released some new parts for the 1/10th scale Kyosho V-One RRR chassis. First up is this 3mm thick carbon fibre rear shock tower, the 2nd evolution of this design, it features 11 shock mounting holes as well as a slots for the fuel lid cable tie. Also new is a 2mm carbon fibre radio plate which has a new design and appears to be more for aesthetics than performance.

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