January 19, 2017

Daniele Ielasi joins FastRace SuperGT team

FastRace from Italy have announced the signing of former IFMAR 1/10th 200mm World Champion, Daniele Ielasi to their SuperGT team. After so far doing only select races with the GT-R15, included the win of the Euro GT race back in 2015, Daniele will now enjoy a full season with FastRace, including appearances at the Italian Nationals and the European Championship.

Source: FastRace [fastraceshop.com]

January 19, 2017

Fire Fuel Buggy, Touring & GT spec nitro fuels

Fire Fuel have introduced their new range of nitro fuels for off-road, on-road and GT applications. All contain nine percent of high-quality oil with the Buggy and Rally GT blend being mixed with 25 percent nitromethane while the Touring specific fuel contains 16 percent nitro. All three come in different can sizes including 5L/169oz and 1L/33oz.

Source: Fire Fuel [fire-fuel.com]

January 19, 2017

Novarossi CT & CTO series turbo-style glow plugs

Novarossi have introduced the new CT and CTO line of turbo-style glow plugs. Based on the experience gained with the B and T-Line plugs the CT series will combine the characteristics of both, making choosing the correct glow plug easier. Available are CT5 to CT8 plugs for 1/10th and 1/8th on-road applications as well as the off-road specific CTO5 to CTO7 glow plugs.

Source: Novarossi [novarossi.it]

January 19, 2017

Drew Butcher wins at Tasmanian State Championships

The recent 2017 Tasmanian State Championships saw Drew Butcher taking the TQ in the 1/8th E-Buggy class. The opening two qualifiers were won by Steven Madziara and Daniel Lokos respectively but Drew found his rhythm for the next four qualifiers in a row, giving him TQ and pole position for the finals. In the first A-main Drew managed a first place with Steven having a little crash on the last corner of the last lap. A2 saw Daniel coming out fastest from Drew so the final main would bring the decision. Drew was lucky enough to get off to a very clean start building a 7 second gap on the first lap, and then just kept it safe for the remainder of the race knowing that everyone else would be pushing that bit harder to try and catch up. Drew managed an overall consistency of 0.53 seconds a lap in that last final, which topped the weekend off just nicely. Behind him, Daniel Lokos and Steven Madziara completed the top 3 podium result.

View the top 5 results here

January 19, 2017

HRC Racing Dual Star AC/DC charger

HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing Dual Star dual output AC/DC multi-chemistry charger. Offering two independent 100W outputs the device packs a bunch of features including up to 10A charge current per channel, a multiple security system for save and easy cell monitoring, it comes with two back-lit LCD screens and dual 4-button menu operation. The charger is usable with up to 6S LiXX batteries per channel, it offers a dedicated LiHV mode and utilises a black heatsink-design case. The features are rounded out by an USB port to power mobile devices or pit lamps and it comes including multi-language manuals.

View the specifications and another image here

January 19, 2017

Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 12.0x5x23.0mm modified rotor

Made for Muchmore’s line of Fleta ZX modified motors is the V2 12.0x5x23.0mm optional rotor. Named Modified Maximum Mild, Muchmore’s smallest diameter and shortest modified rotor yet is best used in 5.5T to 8.5T low-grip off-road or 3.5T to 5.5T touring carpet applications while also excelling on big on-road tracks and in 3.5T 1S on-road racing. The small diameter and short length make for smooth acceleration and braking with exceptional high-speed performance. The rotor comes marked for easy identification and it fits all Muchmore Fleta ZX modified motors.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]

January 19, 2017

Yeah Racing Typhoon Signal 10 40mm fan

Yeah Racing have a new high-performance fan unit available, the Typhoon Signal 10 Master Competition. Named after the strongest hurricane level in the Saffir Simpson Scale the 40mm unit is high-voltage compatible, allowing to use it with up to 8.4V input, it is dual ball-raced, comes with highly heat-resistant black silicone wires and a Futaba-style connector.

Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]