March 13, 2023

JConcepts 2023 Racing Team hat

During 2023, JConcepts lands on the 20th Anniversary in company history and they want to keep things fresh with a Racing Team hat in heather grey colour.  The trendy fabric and colours match with just about anything whether the racer is at the track or on the road.  The holding shape of the embroidered logo design has bright blue colour with black background and trim. On top, the logo stands strong with those words every racer likes to hear, World Champion.  The snap-back and flat bill remains a popular style in the community and represents well with bold bill and inner support structure.  The hat is topped off with button on top, vent holes throughout the surface, heavy stitching, and traditional rear plastic snap.

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March 13, 2023

Lens Bodies ‘BORA’ 1:8 Onroad bodyshell

Market newcomers Lens Bodies has released a preview of its soon to be released ‘Bora’ 1:8 Onroad bodyshell.  Lens Bodies is the latest business venture of experienced international nitro onroad racer Nicole Marrone, the same person who is behind successful Italian tyre manufacturer Hotrace Tyres.   Releasing CAD images of the bodyshell, they state, ‘the project was developed in the wind tunnel with the help of the fluid dynamics/aerodynamics department of the SUN University of Aversa.  We have thus managed to achieve a balance between downforce and smoothness of the car when cornering to achieve faster lap times.’  Marrone himself also stated on his own personal social media, ‘We are trying to do something different. Many thanks to all the peoples that are working with me on this project.  Bodies are not yet on the market, missing some few details, but we will be very soon’.

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March 13, 2023

Eldridge claims EssexCarpetClash title with Rd6 win

Harley Eldridge is the overall EssexCarpetClash 2WD Champion,  the Xray driver securing the title with victory at the sixth & final round. The 2022/23 championship concluded with an interesting track layout, having a straight that was diagonal with a couple of dogs legs, and a kicker jump that saw cars enjoy some ‘air time’.  Kyle Moon with his Willspeed car dominated the 4 rounds of qualifying by TQ’ing all rounds to line up on pole for the final.  Ellis Stafford would line his Associated ride up in 2nd, ahead of Harley Eldridge (both joint on points). Ed Kerry, Chris Delves would round off the top 5 of the 11 car final.  The final would see Eldridge make some set up changes which suited her and she managed to take the win in leg 1 and 2, heaping up the places and winning the meeting. Moon, would take the 2nd step with Stafford rounding off the podium.

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March 13, 2023

Nosram power for Holdsworth brothers

Nosram has announced the signing of British offroad racing brothers Josh and Luke Holdsworth.  Racing for Schumacher, the 2022 European Championship A-finalists pairing will use Nosram batteries to power their buggies.  They made their race debut as official Nosram drivers at the British Off Road Grand Prix over the weekend where 20-year-old Josh made the 2WD A-Main in the heavily stacked international field.

Source: Nosram [Facebook]

March 13, 2023

Ielasi Tuned EFRA 2185 Onroad Pipe

Ielasi Tuned has just released its new EFRA 2185 muffler for 1:8 Onroad.  Compared to the previous model, like their Offroad equivalent, this is a completely new muffler made using molds designed by former World Champion Daniele Ielasi making the pipe exclusive to his Ielasi Tuned engine brand.  Featuring an ‘Exclusive sound’, Ielasi claims the pipe which was tested by former World Champion Robert Pietsch has more power (+2/3kmh) while also providing excellent fuel consumption.

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March 12, 2023

Hebert takes 2023 ROAR On-Road Carpet National title

Quebec’s Keven Hebert is the 2023 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals Touring Car Champion.  Hosted by Top American racer Eric Anderson’s Apex Raceway in Tennessee, qualifying would see Hebert secured the overall TQ when he set the fastest time in the third of the four rounds.  Behind Xray team-mate Chris Adam, the pace setter in Q1 and Q2, would secure second on the grid his fastest time also coming in the penultimate qualifier.   Setting the fastest time in Q4, Awesomatix Kemp Anderson lined up third for the triple A-Mains with Andrew Ellis completing the Top 4.  In the final getting his title aspirations off to the best possible start with an A1 win from Anderson, Hebert sealed the deal in A2 to add yet another ROAR National title to his name.  Winning A3, Adams would become Vice Champion with Anderson completing the Mod Touring Car Podium.  Anderson did however take the top prize in 1:12 securing the title from the TQ ahead of Donny Lia and Hebert.

Image: 1up Racing [Facebook]

March 12, 2023

Xtreme Aerodynamics ‘Italia’ FWD Bodyshell

As part of two big releases Xtreme Aerodynamics has unveiled its ‘Italia’ 1:10 FWD bodyshell.  While the Italian manufacturer gives little information on the new design, Monaco RC says that after the success of the 2021 released She-Rock, which was banned from some European racing circuits but still dominates in Asia, the development team decided to create a new model that is EFRA-approved and has amazing performance.  They say the feedback so far has been very positive but add ‘the market will be the ultimate judge’.  News of Xtreme Aerodynamics second body release, the ‘Redhawks’ is expected tomorrow.

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March 12, 2023

3D printed 1:12 at ROAR Nationals

Supporting customers of his 1up Racing products trackside at the ROAR Electric On-Road Carpet Nationals, Randy Caster, a stalwart of the onroad racing scene in the US, has picked up on an interesting car competing in the event – Scott Jakes 3D printed 1:12.  Taking place at Eric Anderson’s Apex Raceway in Tennessee, Jakes is racing his latest project in the 13.5 1:12 class and as Caster points out in his social media post about this 3D printed car this could well be a glimpse of the future of the hobby.

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