July 5, 2021

RC Race Prep CV & universal joint lubricant

This new CV and universal joint lubricant from RC Race Prep is for those seeking a hassle-free application process with unmatched anti-wear protection. The lubricant contains load resistant supplements and is designed to withstand adverse performance conditions. This lubricant is extremely tenacious and water wash resistant, ensuring frictional surfaces are protected at all times.

Source: RC Race Prep [rcraceprep.co.uk]

July 5, 2021

Roche Rapide F1 adjustable steering arm

New from Roche comes this optional adjustable aluminium steering arm for their Rapide F1. The new steering arm allows for easier and a wider range of Ackermann adjustments and with large bearings the strength and durability has been improved. Made from high grade aluminium with red/black 2 tone anodising.

Source: Roche [rocherc.com]

July 2, 2021

Mon-tech Hot Road bodyshell

Mon-tech continue to expand their lineup into different classes with the introduction of this new body shell called the Hot Road. Suitable for mounting on all Formula 1 chassis, the body is supplied with the engine intake and lights that you can see in the photo, as well as all the accessories for mounting on the Formula 1 chassis.

View more angles of the Hot Road here

July 2, 2021

Flash Point R/C diff fluids

Flash Point R/C is expanding their product line with six new diff fluids. They are now offering 200K, 300K, 500K, 750K, 1 million, 1.5 million and 2 million diff fluids. Made from 100% pure silicone oil they will stay consistent during long main events. The 75ml bottle uses a flip top cap to insure no leaks during storage and travel.

Source: Flash Point [flashpointrc.com]

July 2, 2021

LRP’s updated brushed motor series

LRP have presented their updated brushed motor series for 2021. While the popular Crawler and Truck Puller motor types have been kept unchanged, the V10 series has been updated to the new Spec.6 and two new motors for scalers and crawlers now complete the line up. The V10 Spec.6 motors are available in five different variants, a 19×2, 17×2, 14×2, 12×2 and 10×2, and feature high-power precision winding, dual bearings, high power magnets, SMD capacitor and are fully rebuildable with adjustable timing. The other two motors are similar in features but come in 55 and 80 turn variants for the very precise throttle control needed for crawling.

Source: LRP [lrp.cc]

July 1, 2021

TMG Speed LD2 LiPo holder

From TMG Speed for the new Schumacher LD2 is this LiPo holder. Machined from high quality carbon fibre, this LiPo holder accepts all heights of packs and they are held in place with the included rubber o-rings. Its slotted mounting holes allow the pack, together with the holder, to be adjusted to the front or rear of the chassis to help better balance the car.

Source: TMG Speed [tmgspeeduk.com]

July 1, 2021

MXLR adjustable alloy servo arm

MXLR have created this adjustable alloy servo arm to offer you a strong and reliable height adjustable servo arm which stands up to the highest competition demands. The 3mm range for the height adjustment of the ball stud is a huge setup option which you shouldn’t miss to play with. A higher turning point generates more initial response, while a lower turning point calms down the steering and creates a finer resolution. You are able to set any height between 16-19mm without the need to switch any plates or parts of the horn, which makes it a quick setup change option by sliding the ball stud up or down. The slightly bulkier arm design adds some extra strength and reliability. For the perfect ‘play free fit’ with the servo spline the design utilise a clamping design. Available in two versions, 23T & 25T, the servo arm is machined from high quality black anodised aluminium with silver edges and laser engraved logo.

View another image of the servo arm here