October 12, 2021

ARC R12.1 touring car kit

Building on the already rapid R12 platform, ARC is proud to announce the R12.1, incorporating many new parts and improvements that elevate the chassis to a new level of performance. Retaining the basic R12 architecture, the R12.1 remains an extremely easy car to build and maintain. By removing mounting holes for the R11 short arms, the R12.1 chassis features a slimline profile for reduced chassis scrub under hard cornering. Made from 2.1mm carbon fibre, this chassis delivers added flex for greater overall grip and a wider tuning window.

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October 12, 2021

JConcepts 1.9″ Hunk & Tusk 4.75″ OD scaler tires

JConcepts have introduced these 4.75″ outer diameter versions of their recently released Hunk and Tusk 1.9” tires. The pavement pounder with scale looks is what the Hunk tire brings to the proverbial table on the RC scale scene. The 4.75” overall size places the tire in the Class 2 dimensional requirements and the interlocking design has good looks and bravado to go along with it. Industry standard bead mounting diameter of 1.9” fits a huge assortment of wheels on the market so the Hunk can be teamed with just about any combination imaginable.

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October 11, 2021

Factory Team B6.3 +3mm bellcranks

Team Associated’s new Factory Team +3mm bellcranks allow B6.3 racers to tune the caster with 0 and 2.5 deg. inserts and still minimise bump steer. On high-traction tracks, the pro drivers have gained cornering speed by reducing caster from the kit 5 deg. inserts down to 0 or 2.5 deg. Unfortunately, the 0 or 2.5 deg. caster inserts raise the outer steering block ball, creating un-wanted bump steer, which affects wheel angle as the car leans. Their solution has the +3mm raised bellcrank sets counteract the adjustment and help keep your steering angles consistent through the entire suspension travel. This combination makes the cars and trucks corner faster, while also maintaining predictable handling. Made from durable CNC aluminium they are available in both blue and black anodised finishes.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]

October 11, 2021

JConcepts Finish Line quick access nitro pit bag

A racer can never have enough organisation in the pit area and JConcepts has additional needs covered with the Finish Line pit bag. The highly accessible and multi-purpose pit bag has needs and wants covered with a multitude of compartments, closures, and foam wrapped metal handle. The bag features 2 locations where a drawstring compartment can store a typical fuel bottle and cinch into position. Each bag has a heavy covering of woven technical appearing fabric sewn over to create the glamorous geometry. The inner floor operates with composite flaps allowing the bag to drop and pop between storage and use configurations. On the back side is a business card or identification holder so racers can mark their territory in and out of the pits. JConcepts imagery and logos embroidered on the side of the bag for authenticity, impact, and brand loyalty.

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October 11, 2021

Yokomo SP-03D Drift spec servo

Yokomo have introduced this limited edition servo called the SP-03D that has been specially tuned for RWD drifting. The full aluminium case, which has both great heat dissipation and rigidity, features a brushless motor for great steering response, speed, and torque. The servo’s parameters can be adjusted using a dedicated program card to your personal liking with custom tuning including anti-shake level adjustment.

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October 11, 2021

NathoBuilds XB2 rear tower & carbon fan guards

NathoBuilds have released this optional rear shock tower for the Xray XB2 ’20 & 21. Designed to have the rear camber links to sit on the tower rather than the aluminium or kit plastic ball stud mount, which they say can bend or twist under load. By moving the inner ball studs to the tower this reduces this angle and provides a more reliable mounting for them. Each hole is spaced 2mm which replicates to 0mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm on the kit mount. Also from NathoBuilds is this range of carbon fibre fan guards, which is an easy way to add a custom look to any 40, 30, 25 & 20mm fan and also an excellent way to protect your fan.

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October 8, 2021

OfficinaRC MTC2 titanium turnbuckles

OfficinaRC has added another new item to their Mugen MTC2 collection. This new turnbuckle, produced entirely in titanium and made in Italy is a must have for all the MTC2 drivers. Precision manufactured, they combine light weight and strength and are a direct replacement for the standard M4x16mm Mugen part. Sold a as a pair.

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October 8, 2021

Yokomo Pandem 90 accessories & YD-2 options

A number of new items from Yokomo starting with this set of light parts and wings that fits the Pandem 90 body. The weight increase of the body is minimised by making it made of lightweight polycarbonate while firmly reproducing the fine details. It comes with headlight and taillight brackets and a 4-split rear wing, and is a relatively easy to mount material and of course can be painted to match your car’s scheme.

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