May 31, 2024

Xray X4F‘25 FWD Touring Car

Xray has presented its latest FWD Electric Touring the with the 2025 iteration of the X4F.  Key features of the X4F‘25 start with an all-new chassis redesigned to work with the new bulkheads & lower arms and which moves motor mount location 5mm forward for improved traction.  It also integrates with the new one-piece aluminium servo/steering mount and battery holder systems.  Narrowed 5mm in the front and 10mm in the rear for improved flex characteristics that improve steering and rotation while also reducing chassis drag for improved cornering speed.  The car also gets an all-new one-piece servo mount moves the servo 5mm forward for more traction.  A Single steering arm mount reduces weight and works together with the new battery holder system to move the battery position further forward for maximum traction.  The one-piece design eliminates servo movement in hard crashes and the ultra-low profile design reduces weight and lowers the CG as much as possible.  A brand new steering arm redesigned for weight savings with new geometry creates clearance to move the motor mount and servo mount 5mm forward for improved traction & improved in-corner steering.  The X4F’25 is 25g lighter than X4F’24 with strategic lightening of the rear suspension to move the weight bias further forward.

View the full X4F‘25 presentation here

May 31, 2024

Repetti is 1:8 GT European C/Ship Top Qualifier

Italy’s Edoardo Repetti is the Top Qualifier at the 2024 EFRA 1:8 GT European Championships which are underway at the Naxos World track in Sicily, Italy.  The former European Large Scale Champion took his Ielasi Tuned powered Xray to the TQ honours with TQ runs in Q3 & 4 together with a P2 in the fifth & final round.   Also registering two TQ runs and a second, but losing out on the tie-breaker, Schepis Model driver Rosario Giaimo, winner of the recent Italian National Champion round at the same track, qualified 2nd having taken the Electric GT overall TQ earlier in the day.  Former 1:10 Nitro Touring Car Champion Alessio Mazzeo completed the Top 3 for Capricorn.  Top Qualifier at last year’s European Championship in Croatia, Serpent’s Andrea Catanzani ended qualifying P4.  Only the third running of a European Championship for the category, defending back to back Champion Bernard-Alain Arnaldi took his Genius Racing chassis to 6th as the fastest non Italian driver.

Image: Xray [Facebook]

May 31, 2024

RDRP RC10B7 0° and +/-2.5° Steel Bulkheads

Continuing its run of aftermarket premium upgrade parts releases for the Team Associated RC10B7, RDRP has added these 0° and +/-2.5° Steel Bulkheads to its range.  Designed to replace the standard bulkhead of the RC10B7 and RC10B7D buggies, they increase weight of 26g compared to the standard aluminium part increases the steering and helps to keep the front end on the track, which especially helps with high traction surfaces like carpet or astroturf.  These bulkheads are made from high-grade steel, offering superior stability and durability. With heat treatment and a black oxide coating, the bulkheads are particularly resistant and long-lasting.

View more images here

May 31, 2024

RSRC MP10 carbon fibre parts

RSRC, the brand of multiple European 1:8 Buggy Champion and factory Kyosho driver Reno Savoya, has released two new carbon fibre parts for the MP10 platform.  First are carbon fibre arms stiffeners which are designed as a “sandwich panel” system that leaves the internal reinforcements of the suspension untouched, with a 1mm plate on top and a 1mm plate underneath.  This will greatly improve the wishbone strength during big hits but also improves the precision of the buggy’s handling.  They fit both the MP10 nitro and MP10e electric buggy.  Second is a carbon fibre chassis brace for MP10e/MP10Te.  Unique and very good looking, the chassis stiffener will increase the car reactiveness but also hold the cables for a neat environment.

View Chassis Brace here

May 31, 2024

MR33 Awesomatix A800R Organiser Box

MR33, the brand of multiple World Champion & current Awesomatix factory driver Marc Rheinard, has released this parts Organiser Box for the popular A800R Electric Touring Car.  The organiser is made with attention to detail and allows you to store everything in one box.  The box can fit stabilizers, PSS system, springs and top deck screws.

View parts list & more images here

May 31, 2024

Yokomo’s first 4WD Buggy set for Summer re-release

Following the successful re-release of its 1980’s ‘Super Dog Fighter’ 1:10 4WD Buggy late last year, Yokomo has announced that it is to re-issue its first ever 4WD Buggy, the YZ-834B Dogfighter.   Publishing CAD images of the buggy, which are ‘are of a product under development’, the Japanese manufacturer explained, ‘In response to requests from many users, we have decided to re-release Yokomo’s first 4WD off-road car, the YZ-834B Dogfighter!  Based on a resin main chassis, it features a distinctive chain-driven 4WD system, front and rear monoshocks, front double wishbone suspension, rear trailing arms, and more, allowing you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the time. Of course, spare parts are also provided so that you can enjoy driving it properly, and you can fully experience the excitement of a representative off-road car from the 1980s, so please look forward to it!’   While no specific launch date is given, they have targeted a Summer time release for the YZ-834B Dogfighter saying they will release more information on the kit on their social media and newsletters from ‘time to time’.

View other CAD image here

May 30, 2024

R1 Wurks B7 Carbon Fibre Motor Mount Top Support

Another new aftermarket optional for Team Associated’s RC10B7 2WD Buggy is this ultra lightweight motor plate from R1 Wurks.  It enhance the stability of your motor by providing additional mounting support by relocating one of the mounting points to the top.  As a result motor flex at the mounting surface is minimised for a sturdier and more secure motor installation.  This motor plate not only offers the advantages of a cross-supported mounting configuration but also features multiple layers of high-strength carbon fibre.  The outer layer is made of forged carbon fibre in an epoxy matrix, creating an exceptionally stiff mount that significantly reduces weight.

View Motor Mount fitted here

May 30, 2024

Revolution Design B7 Machined Idler Gear 26T

Revolution Design Racing Products has released this Machined Idler Gear 26T (RDRP0672) for the Team Associated RC10B7 and RC10B7D as a premium upgrade compared to the standard injection molded idler gears. This option part is machined from white POM and offers improved durability while also lowering friction thanks to POM’s self-lubricating properties.

Source: RDRP []