March 23, 2020

Kyle McBride doubles at Australian Off-road Nats

This year’s Australian Off-Road National Championship was held at the Melbourne Off Road Radio Car Club this past weekend. In the Nitro Buggy class it was Team Associated driver, Alex Bernadzik with the overall TQ, however after the 60-minute A-main event, that saw some close racing between Alex and Kyle McBride (Infinity), it was the latter that would excel while Alex had to settle for 2nd overall, just a couple of seconds behind. In 3rd it was JQRacing’s Aaron Dexter who would round out the podium result.

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March 23, 2020

Speedzone roll out new Evolution LiPo packs

The latest competition LiPo battery pack releases to Speedzone’s Evolution brand include a 2S slim pack, 2S shorty pack and a 4S pack. The 5500mAh 7.4V 130C slim pack measures 139×37.3×24.8mm and weighs 238g, the 5000mAh 7.4V 120C shorty pack measures 96×46.5×24.5mm and weighs 212g, and the 6000mAh 14.8v 120C pack measures 139x47x48mm and weighs in at 534g. All packs were designed to produce high voltage with low internal resistance and utilize 5mm bullet connectors.

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March 22, 2020

SWorkz S35-4 1/8th nitro buggy kit

Following first impressions of their forthcoming new nitro off-road buggy SWorkz have fully unveiled the S35-4 1/8th scale kit. The buggy is designed for pure racing with the geometry of the car providing optimised corner speed paired with easy handling and maximum traction. The S35-4 is based on a new T7075 hard anodised and lightened aluminium chassis that sports a wide layout while the newly developed HET differentials being also included to provide an amount of traction that wasn’t possible with the previous systems. The kit also comes with a lower shock tower layout in the front and rear and the construction of the shocks is adapted to that new optimised layout. The steering geometry, with new Ackermann and steering plates, gives the driver the feeling of total control over the buggy. Also part of the kit are new suspension mounts that utilise new square inserts, allowing the buggy to be adapted to a wide range of track conditions. The lower front and rear arms are moulded using a newly developed composite material and they are of an updated design to fit the new chassis geometry. The side guards were redesigned in the same way. Another development are the totally designed rear hubs. Composite material combined with carbon plates gives drivers the possibility for various setups. The newly developed composite material is working perfectly together with the HET differentials to provide maximum traction. With the new lightened wing support owners can adjust the position and angle of the wing to give the buggy perfect on-track balance and together with the optimised new body shell, the aerodynamic system is working perfectly together. The kit is set for a release in the first half of April.

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March 21, 2020

JConcepts 1955 Chevy Bel Air Drag Eliminator body

JConcepts is further growing their range of Street Eliminator drag body shells with the latest addition being the 1955 Chevy Bel Air. Since the late 1980s the 1955 Bel Air body has been an icon of fast door slammer racing since it first appeared on the scene. A decade ago, the body style was refined to an even more radical updated version of the classic American icon for modern day 240+ mph pro modified use. Taking on this project was not an effortless task, doing a great deal of R&D, the team went for the more race inspired style and decided to split up the design into 3 different parts. First, the main Bel Air shell has been carefully crafted via CAD and hand shaped and finish to realize the many details found on the 1955. The stunning looks, slightly modified for drag racing, create a low-profile build, racy, laid-back front grille and unmistakable front headlight section. JConcepts has designed the entire race body with the shoebox look as it was called in the 50’s. Along with the flatter straighter panels, the ’55 also has modern cues like wrap-around glass on the windshield, and tail lights that jut outward. The body shell has built-in trim along the main panels which can be painted and detailed by the user to emulate the real steel. In the rear, the drop-dome roof glides toward the trunk deck which allows the 2-piece spoiler package to drop into place. Sculpted and abbreviated, race-style, bumpers are molded with the body and just like all the rest, can be painted as desired. The front hood-scoop is a separate polycarbonate piece which has a special form just to under-cut and look the size and shape as a 1:1 counterpart. Slight fender flares give the user a hint of trimming direction for the 13” wheelbase and wheel well openings. The trim lines throughout the body provide a low-profile appearance and steady guide for a clean overall look. Included in each body set is a 1955 Chevy Bel Air decal sheet, rear wing option including lower support and upper wing spoiler and the paint mask for all windows. A front hood-scoop is also part of each body set and ready for trim, fit and finishing.

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March 20, 2020

Team Associated RC8B3.2 Team Kit 1/8th buggy

Following the introduction of the new RC8B3.2e Team Kit E-buggy, Team Associated also announced the soon release of their new RC8B3.2 Team Kit nitro buggy, the follow-up model to the IFMAR World Championship winning RC8B3.1. The engineers of Area 51 Design Works focused on key components that improved durability, accelerated maintenance, and expanded upon its race-winning heritage within the RC8B3 platform. An all-new suspension arm design improves performance in all conditions: bottom-loaded inserts adjust flex characteristics and longer overall length, with reduced rear arm mount width. A 4-piece centre bulkhead allows for easier access to the center differential, making adjustments even faster. The all-new radio tray design features an enclosed battery box, a larger receiver box, integrated switch and transponder mounting, and adjustable flex configurations. Updated shock caps allow the RCB3.2 to be run with the included new stiff bladders, standard bladders, or as emulsion with no bladders – all with the same cap. The kit is set for a release in May.

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March 20, 2020

Team Associated RC8B3.2e Team Kit 1/8th E-buggy

Team Associated have introduced the new RC8B3.2 Team Kit 1/8th scale electric buggy. Already a proven platform, the RC8B3.2e looks to add to the portfolio of victories. No stone has gone unturned when considering the makeup of the RC8B3.2e. The geometry of the suspension has been critically analyzed to determine improved areas of performance, resulting in a new suspension arm design with inserts to adjust flex characteristics and keep dirt out. The combination of a longer rear suspension arm, narrower suspension arm mounts and an overall wider rear track width has proven to increase driver comfort, consistency and speed. Updated shock caps allow the RCB3.2e to be run in two different configurations: As emulsion type with the bleeder screw and seal, or bladder type with the included new stiff bladders, or optional traditional bladders. The side guards have also been improved by changing the attachment method to FHCS that thread into the chassis from the top of the buggy. This increases the durability of the side guard while improving alignment to the chassis. Like the RC8B3.2 the electric-powered kit is set for a release in May.

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March 20, 2020

Hudy 235x190x75mm hardcase

Hudy have introduced their new 235x190x75mm hardcase. The bag is made of highest quality materials and it features the iconic and colorful Hudy graphics while the spacious internals allow to store various equipment such as a charger, tyres heaters, engines or small parts boxes. In addition the upper lid features a zipped net pocket to store smaller accessories such as wires.

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