July 17, 2017

Kum Yew wins 4WD Buggy class at NOOB Rd5

The recent fifth round of the NOOB racing series saw Xray’s Kum Yew walking away with the win in the 4WD Buggy class ahead of Kamen Koh (Serpent) and Mark Lim (PR). In the opening A-main, pole-sitter Kum made a mistake in the early stages which cost him the lead. Mark took over the 1st spot with Kamen in 2nd. A technical gremlin however saw Mark surrender the lead, leaving Kamen and Kum Yew to battle it out, eventually resulting in Kum Yew taking the win. In the second leg, Kum Yew took the race win from start to finish to secure the overall win. In the final leg, Kamen and Mark battled it out, with Mark taking A3 after a mistake from Kamen.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 17, 2017

Agama A215 aluminium lower servo saver

UK Agama distributors Nemo Racing have introduced an aluminium lower servo saver for the A215 kits. The part is designed to increase the efficiency and durability of the servo saver and it comes machined from high-quality aluminium and hard-coated for looks and wear. The part will hit stores very soon.

Source: Nemo Racing [nemoracing.com]

July 17, 2017

Sugiura wins Invitational class at Kyosho Masters Japan

The 14th Kyosho Masters Japan were held this past weekend at the RC Land Taki track in Chiba with about 70 entries from Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan. The 2-day event was held in Invitational, Expert and Sports classes and in the premier Invitational class it was Yusuke Sigiura who walked away with the win from Wataru Takashiro in 2nd. In 3rd Dani Choi would round out the top 3 podium result.

Image: Yusuke Sugiura

July 17, 2017

Yeah Racing T4 & general touring brass weight sets

Coming from Yeah Racing are two brass balance weight sets, one for Xray’s T4 line of touring cars as well as a general set. Starting without the Xray-specific set, the kit contains a total of eight weights with two dedicated ones for the centre line of the car while the additional six weights can be positioned in the steering and rear chassis area. The flat 8g and 13g weights that are part of the T4 set are also available as general 6-piece kit usable for nearly all touring and drift cars. The weights are machined from high-quality brass material, they come with a black surface coat and are engraved for easy identification.

View the 6-piece set here

July 15, 2017

TPro M4x10mm downstop screws

Coming from TPro is a set of downstop screws for 1/8th off-road vehicles. Specially designed with a flat head that better protects the chassis area compared to a normal set screw, that can grub into the chassis plate over time, the construction also makes for more precise droop settings thanks to the increased contact patch. The set includes eight M4x10mm screws that are usable on many of today’s 1/8th buggies, trucks and GT kits.

View another image here

July 14, 2017

LRP Pulsar Sport AC/DC charger

LRP’s Pulsar Sport AC/DC charger is the company’s latest offering out of their popular Pulsar charger line. The smaller brother of the Pulsar Pro offers up to 6A of charge current to fill up to 6S LiXX packs or up to 15 cell NiXX batteries fast and conveniently. A dedicated LiHV program allows to make use of the latest generation of Lithium-Polymer cells and an integrated power supply does away with the need for an external power source. The package is rounded out by a backlit display, a 5V/1A USB port as well as an integrated balancer with XHR port.

View the specifications here

July 14, 2017

LRP ZR.32X Spec.4 .32 nitro off-road engine

Available now from LRP is the ZR.32X Spec.4 5.24cc nitro off-road engine. Based on the previous ZR.32 power plant, the X Spec.4 variant features a new heavy-duty CoolDownMax cooling head and the XTEC PowerCarb 3 15S-2 carburettor. The 7+1 port short stroke engine is a universal fit for race and monster truck vehicles and it comes including a LRP Platinum/Iridium R5 glow plug.

View the specifications here

July 14, 2017

Picco R1 Team WC2017 3.5cc nitro on-road engine

Picco Micromotori have introduced the latest addition to their on-road engine range, the R1 Team DLC WC2017. The power plant is a limited edition run, tested on the 2017 Worlds track and featuring a different cylinder with updated timing that increases the bottom power to better suit the challenging French circuit. The engine is easily recognised by a new engraved cooling head, specially designed and dedicated to the event and maintaining the size of the standard version to obtain a low centre of gravity. As with the standard R1 Team version, the crankcase sports a designing concept that ensures more stable performance throughout a wider temperature range and thanks to its improved stiffness it is immune to any RPM loss caused by unwanted torsion. The WC2017 also shares the same double bottom-end adjustment carburettor for finer tuning and a better mixture flow. The crankshaft features DLC coating that prevents any oxidation and wear of the crankpin and the engine comes fitted with a ceramic ball bearing and a 7-port sleeve paired with a piston machined from high silicon material.

Source: Picco [teampicco.com]