February 1, 2007

Tamiya introduces the new TAO5-R

Tamiya TAO5-R

Tamiya have released some details about their upcoming electric chassis, the TAO5-R. Based on the TAO5, the new R version is a specially-tuned race version kit loaded with option parts for the circuit, and it is packed full of options a list of which you can see below.

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February 1, 2007

RC Atomic Mini-Z setup tools

RC Atomic Mini-Z setup tools

RC Atomic, who we have written about before, have released these great setup tools for those Mini-Z racers who really take their racing seriously. First off there is this rather wicked looking carbon fiber setup board which has been mounted onto a very nice anodised aluminium base which comes in 4 different colours. They have also released a set of droop blocks, droop gauge and a ride height gauge to check the settings of your car.

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February 1, 2007

Xray NT1 first real picture

Xray NT1

I’m sorry for the 3 Xray posts in a row but they have some highly anticipated cars coming out and none more so than the all new Xray NT1 as seen above (click image for larger pic). This car has been majorly hyped and made its small time debut a few weeks back when it won a regional race on its first outing in Florida with the cars international debut comes in 2 weeks at the Florida Winternats. What about the car itself, well from what we can see it bears close similarities to the Mugen MTX and Kyosho RRR in looks at least, whilst the car itself looks pretty safe in design with no major, Team Magic style, innovation. We hope to get more details and pics later.

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January 31, 2007

Team Associated TC5 – First Pictures

Team Associated TC5

Along with the excitement of the Team Associated RC8 being released, the new TC5 190mm touring car will also be released and we have the images of the production car right here. This car has been raced a lot in the hands of Craig Drescher and Juho Levanen and with quite some success, so its good to see the car finally near completion.

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January 31, 2007

Robitronic to release Avid foam tire version

Robitronic Avid foam tire version

Following the trend of a lot of other manufacturers, Robitronic will release a foam edition of their new Avid 190mm electric touring car. For use in the USA mostly, the car will most likely feature a stiffer chassis, and perhaps upper deck, and of course have retain the space for 6 cells. We dont know the full details yet and so will let you know when we find out more.

Source: RC World [rcworld.ch]

January 31, 2007

Team Orion Wasp CRF .21 On-Road

Team Orion Wasp CRF .21 On-Road

Although we have already seen the Wasp CRF .21 On-Road engine, Team Orion have published their official image of the motor on their site. For those of you who missed the post about this engine the first time here is the details of it.

The Wasp Rev .21 On-Road is the ideal power plant for your 1:8 scale on-Road vehicle. never before has engine technology provided so much power while still retaining maximum fuel efficiency. The power to blast by the competiions on the long straights and out of the turns is now here Wasp REV, it delivers!

Source: Team Orion [teamorion.com]

January 31, 2007

Elliot Harper wins British Indoor Winter Series

Elliot Harper with Andy Moore

Last weekend saw the final round of the 5 round British Indoor Winter Series, held once more at the Don Valley Stadium. After only qualifying 4th the Hot Bodies driver Elliot Harper had a tough battle with Xray racer Ben Cosgrave and eventually managed to pull out a gap and chase after the leader Guy Thornton who shortly after crashed out, allowing Harper to take the win in Modified class and the overall title.

However, half way down the straight the leaders car came to a stop – it was all I could do to miss both his car and the marshal attempting to retrieve it. I just squeezed under his foot as he stepped back! By then, I knew I had a clear run in for the remaining few laps to secure the win on the day. This is how the race closed and I was very relieved to finish the series on a high note!

You can read the full report and lots of pictures from the BIWS here.

Source: Mirage Racing [mirageracing.com]

January 31, 2007

Motonica P8.0R and P8.0 Classic kits

Motonica P8.0R

Motonica, who made their debut at last years Nürnberg toy fair, have announced that they will release an updated version of their P8.0, called the P8.0R. The R features a few small updates like a news chassis with shorter wheelbase from 295mm to 292.5mm, more shock mounting options and a different rear body mount that allows you adjust the angle of the a-arms, similar to the Serpent 960. What is rather strange is that Motonica will release a flat pan (no suspension) Classic kit, called P8.0 Classic obviously enough. This class is really only raced in France and a handful of other neighboring countries so it seems like an odd option to build one. There are also some pictures with the name P8.0 base, but i cant figure out if these are showing the P8.0R without some parts or its a completely different car. More will be known after Nürnberg.

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